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Solar System and Planets Unit Bundle with Solar System Project Posters

2nd – 6th
Astronomy, Writing, Informational Text
Activities, Printables
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450 pages



Solar System and Planets Unit Bundle with Solar System Project Posters

Printables, Activities, & Assessments

  • 10 Quick Check Exit Ticket Assessments
  • Classroom Scavenger Hunt Activity
  • Our Incredible Solar System
  • The Solar System KWHL
  • Our Solar System
  • Round and Round we Go
  • The Planets of Our Solar System
  • The Inner Planets
  • The Outer Planets
  • The Gas Giants
  • 2 Planet Compare and Contrast Pages
  • Solar System Scramble
  • Solar System Quick Check
  • 2 Solar System Writing Activities
  • Our Amazing Solar System
  • Solar System Explanatory Writing Activity
  • Solar System Opinion Writing Activity
  • It’s Just a Phase
  • Phasing Out
  • Going Through a Phase
  • Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Solar System or Not
  • Solar System Acrostic Poem
  • Our Solar System 321
  • Picture Perfect
  • Four Words
  • Parts of the System
  • The Solar System
  • The Sun
  • 3 Pages of Solar System Vocabulary
  • 10 Solar System Doodle Organizers for Note Taking

Few other scientific topics can hold our kids’ interest and wonder like our Solar System. The MASSIVE BUNDLED Solar System Unit provides you with a plethora of entertaining, educational, and engaging items to aid in teaching your children about the Solar System, our small corner of the cosmos. To get your students excited about the solar system and space science, use these close reading passages, writing exercises, graphic organizers, interactive notebook activities, task cards, posters, and projects.


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