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Number Talks Task Cards : Adding & Subtracting Groups of 10s & 1s with Arrow Math

1st – 2nd
Math, Basic Operations, Mental Math
Task Cards, Lesson
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Number Talks Task Cards : Adding & Subtracting Groups of 10s & 1s with Arrow Math

Students are prompted to think somewhat abstractly in the Arrow Math exercises. Place value, counting forward and backward, as well as adding and subtracting groups of ten, are essential skills for students to master. Your students will find it difficult to solve these difficulties cognitively without these foundations. To help kids at first, you might need to present a 120-second chart. It will also be necessary to introduce the concept of efficiency so that students can combine their mathematical reasoning into a single equation. These arithmetic exercises with arrows are undoubtedly difficult for pupils, but when presented as a challenging puzzle, they enjoy discovering the ‘Stop’ number.

Set 1: Plus 1 Addition Arrows

Set 2: Minus 1 Subtraction Arrows

Set 3: Mixed Addition and Subtraction Arrows

Set 4: Plus 10 Addition Arrows

Set 5: Minus 10 Subtraction Arrows

Set 6: Mixed Plus/Minus 10 Arrows

Set 7 (16 cards): Mixed Arrows (+/- 1, +/- 10)

Set 8 (10 Cards): Working Backwards


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