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Lesson Plan: How to Write Electron Configurations and Orbital Notations

9th – 12th, Higher Education, Homeschool
Science, Chemistry, Physical Science
PowerPoint Presentations, Worksheets, Lesson
25 pages



Lesson Plan: How to Write Electron Configurations and Orbital Notations

Electron Configurations: Aufbau, Hund, Pauli, and Orbital Notations

This lesson plan will show your pupils how to create orbital notations and long-form electron configurations. There are illustrations for Hund’s, Pauli’s, and Aufbau’s rules. An outstanding energy level diagram that displays the order of filling is offered. Your pupils will understand how to finish these numerous approaches of illustrating electron arrangement within atoms right away with the help of my clear and concise notes!

As part of this lesson plan:

Bellwork (Warm-Up)

Slide Show

Detailed Notes

•Homework Worksheet for Students

Diagram of the energy levels

•Return all keys with an answer!


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