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Cvc Word Game write & Wipe

What’s included:

  • 52 different CVC words and high-quality graphics each with 4 ability levels to cater for differentiation in your classroom. That’s 208 task cards!
  • Game instructions



CVC Word Game Write & Wipe

While they practice learning the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words, your young pupils will be engaged and working independently thanks to this colorful and enjoyable CVC word reading game.

This project works well with whiteboard markers (dry erase) or magnetic letters and may be laminated and split in half to be used repeatedly during your kindergarten literacy centers.

4 CVC sets included

  • No sounds recorded – students record all 3 sounds
  • No middle sound recorded – students record middle sound
  • No initial letter/sound recorded – students record initial letter/sound
  • No final sound/letter recorded – students record the end sound


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Literacy Center Games Bundle

What's included?
  1. CVC Words Game
  2. Digraphs Games (Bingo and Cookie sort)
  3. Ice-cream Letter Match
  4. Cupcake Letter Match
  5. Initial Letter Sounds Games
  6. Blends and Phonics Posters, Puzzles, and Bingo
  7. Syllables Peg It Game

Number Match Game

Instruction Simply print and laminate! Perfect for Math Centers, Morning Work or Small/Whole Group Warm Up Games.

Phonics: Blends Games

  • Blend Bingo - 2 to 6-player game
  • Blend Puzzles - individual or small group game

Alphabet Match Game (ice-cream Cone)

What's included
  • Capital Letter Alphabet ice cream cones - (A - Z)
  • Lowercase letter ice cream scoops - (A - Z)
  • Initial sound picture ice cream scoops - (A - Z)



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