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Coin Values and Counting Coins Workstation Activity Cards



Coin Values and Counting Coins Workstation Activity Cards

By linking coin prices to a recognizable illustration—ten-frames—you can remove the mystery from coin value identification!


Coin cards containing front and back images of the coins, their values expressed in decimal and with the cent sign, and ten-frame representation. 2 quarter cards, 6 dime cards, 8 nickel cards, and 14 penny cards are included in the set.

Piggy bank cards that display dollar signs and cent signs along with decimal values for money. Set includes 18 color cards with dollar numbers and 18 black and white cards with the same dollar values. In addition, 12 blank piggy bank cards—6 in color and 6 in black and white—are included.

Cards with instructions for eight distinct workstation duties. Some individuals utilize coin cards, while others use piggies.


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