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BOHO Rainbow Desk Editable Student Plates Bundle

Here’s what’s included:?

  • Student Desk Mats with numbers and alphabet on them (Editable)
  • PLAIN editable labels for tote trays, tubs, and students’ desks in 2 sizes- 24 different designs included, all editable and with a beautiful, boho-neutral rainbow 2.0



BOHO Rainbow Desk Editable Student Plates Bundle

The Editable Boho Rainbow Student Desk Plates & classroom labels have been updated with a chic, warm, and neutral boho color scheme. The letter and number line can be used in a plethora of ways throughout your classroom, not just to help kids with their writing.

Use these as your classroom supply labels to organize your storage tubs and cabinets, mark student desks, bag tags, tubs, tote trays, math and literacy materials, teacher and office supplies, and much more.

Additional Info:

Please be aware that you can download this digital file right away after making a purchase.

You must have a PDF Reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, installed on your computer in order to open the files.

If the file can be edited, it can only be done so in Microsoft PowerPoint, according to the product description. To enter your text, you’ll need to have access to Microsoft Powerpoint. A trial version is available right here.

The term “editable” describes a file’s *text* as being editable. There is no editing of the images or color schemes. Simply enter text in the provided text boxes or add your own to change.

Please make sure your Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF readers are up to date.


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Modern Boho Vibes Door Display Affirmation Station - Editable

What's included? 4x Editable Door Signs
    • 'Welcome to...
    • 'We are a rainbow of possibilities
3x styles of Editable round Student Name Labels (28 designs in total)(Powerpoint File) - type in your students' names

Modern Rainbow Classroom Labels And Student Name Tags - Editable

Here's what's included:
  • Large Rectangle Labels that can be used for tote trays, desks, student name plates and labelling teacher tubs  styles (26)
  • Square Labels - all editable and with a beautiful, modern rainbow colour palette and boho rainbow-themed print  styles (26)
  • Round Labels - perfect for labelling student tables, tubs, and supplies, or creating your very own Affirmation Station  styles (26)

Modern Display Rainbow Door Display

  • We are a rainbow of possibilities' Door Sign
  • 'Welcome to our classroom' poster
  • 'Welcome to ____' poster
  • Editable labels with various modern rainbow clipart in 2 sizes to allow you to type in either your student names or some positive affirmation phrases or adjectives. You can also use these circles as supply labels for your student's belonging or teaching resources.

Modern Rainbow Student Desk Plates - Boho Rainbow Name Tags

Here's what's included:
  • Large Desk Mats ( 2 per full page) with alphabet and number lines in a standard primary font however it is EDITABLE so you can type in your student's name and change the font of the alphabet and numbers if you wish.


  • 8 various neutral rainbow-themed groups
  • A4-sized color posters - to display on your whiteboard or Bulletin Boards
  • Square Book Box Labels - perfectly measured to fit the front of your Elizabeth Richards Book Boxes
  • Editable posters and labels - add in your own unique group names if you choose
  • Editable student name tags - to fit both sets perfectly.


2x Door Posters (PDF file) Editable round Student Name Labels (Powerpoint File)  

BOHO Rainbow Classroom Lables Bundle - Editable Rainbow Theme

Here's what's included:
  • Large Labels
  • Medium-sized Labels
  • Round Labels
  • Tolsby Labels



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