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Bees Activities Unit with Honey Bee Lifecycle and MORE

2nd – 4th
Mostly used with 2nd and 3rd
Science, Spring
Activities, Assessment, Printables
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86 pages



Bees Activities Unit with Honey Bee Lifecycle and MORE

To examine and arrange your learning about our amazing bee buddies on Earth, use this extensive BEES science unit and activities! Short reading passages, organizers, foldable interactive notebook exercises, writing prompts, posters, task cards, word wall cards, and more are all included in this course. Your kids will enjoy learning about the bee’s life cycle, the value of bees, beekeepers, honey, and other topics.

Included in this unit:


  • All About Bees Passage (color & b/w)
  • All About Bees Assessment
  • Beekeepers Passage (color & b/w)
  • The Creation of Honey Passage (color & b/w)
  • Lifecycle of a Bee Passage (color & b/w)
  • Lifecycle of a Bee Assessment
  • The Vanishing Honey Bee Passage (color & b/w)
  • The Vanishing Honey Bee Assessment
  • Bees Are
  • Bees 321
  • Bees of the World Organizer
  • Bees Can Have Are
  • Four Words
  • What I Learned
  • Buzzy Buzzy Bees
  • Bees Acrostic
  • Bees KWHL
  • Lifecycle of a Bee Description
  • Lifecycle of a Bee Organizer
  • Bees Vs. Wasps
  • For the Love of Bees
  • Bees Art Gallery
  • Wondrous Bees Vocabulary
  • Bees Doodle Poster
  • Label the Bee
  • My Favorite Bee in the World
  • Our Flying Friends Writing Activity
  • Bees of the World Writing Activity
  • Bees Narrative Writing Activity
  • Bees Opinion Writing Activity
  • Honey Bee Life Cycle Collaboration Poster
  • Bees Word Wall Cards (12 Cards)
  • Bees Interactive Notebook Foldable Activities (7 activities)
  • Bees Posters (4 posters)
  • Bees Mini-Book
  • Bees Task Cards (12 Task Cards in color and b/w)
  • Binder Labels


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